Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Time is a precious resource, representing the essence of life itself. It's not simply about money, but about the moments that shape our existence. We all grapple with internal struggles, and it's our duty to uplift and inspire one another. Regardless of your path, you have the power to motivate others to do good. No one is inherently superior or inferior. Humility is key. While comfort zones provide security, growth thrives beyond them. Keep learning & creating, even when faced with criticism from those who dare not innovate. Don't let negativity define or deter you, simply move forward and block out the noise. Your happiness is your responsibility, so find joy in every moment, not just on Fridays. Show gratitude to your parents, who sacrificed for your sake. True admiration begins at home. Embrace the unknown, for the real fear lies in knowing everything. Life is fleeting, and each day is a gift. Pursue yourdreams today, for time never stops, and opportunities are fleeting. Tick-tock, keep moving forward, and don't wait.

- by Bhautik Bavadiya [Yesbhautik]